office j.o.b.

There are days when I feel that it would be so much better if man had not evolved.

I sit at the same desk every day working on the exact same QuickBooks files and reports. There is absolutely no change. And I hate monotony. I find it very annoying. There should be some change once in a while so I ordered this QuickBooks software training course instead of taking the QuickBooks class and ordering their Microsoft Excel training program to see if I can grow my skills as a bookkeeper.

At least I should get to see some new ideas.

I sometimes think I should have done journalism instead of accounting. That way I would have been able to travel and see new places and interview lots of people. I guess it is not too late to start right now.

I should check up on some journalism courses. People say I have good writing skills so maybe I will be able to work with a newspaper someday. That would be really cool. And I will get to see my name in print. That sounds like a great idea!

Mental note to myself: find out about journalism courses.

boss germs

So journalism is out of the question. There is just too much study involved. Well my job is not too bad. It is just boring at times.

My boss tried to ask me out today.

That man is seriously gross at times.

And the rest of the times he is such a dumb person.

I always wonder how he managed to get to such a senior position in the office. He obviously does not know anything. All the times that he has received commendations for his work, it has actually been me who did all the hard work. He simply sent the reports from his email ID to the top management. And the cheek of him, he never even mentioned that I was the one who did everything.

When I asked him why he never mentioned my name, he said that we are a team and whatever praise he gets is actually for everyone on the team. The next time he gets a promotion I will remind him of this logic and say that since we are a team I deserve a promotion too.
And then he has the guts to ask me out for a coffee. I swear had he not been my boss I would never have entertained a slob like him. Sometimes I think he doesn’t even bathe. Disgusting!

Anyway, promotions are about to happen and I am hoping that I did create a good impression about myself this time. I could really use a raise. Everything is so expensive nowadays and at this rate I will never be able to save anything.

The girl from the marketing department barely ever sits in her office. She is always on the move wearing either reebok running shoes or her women’s new balance shoes. She must get to meet so many new people and travel a lot.

Great deal Adventure

We bought one pair of New Balance sneakers as well as a different electronic garage area heater. We are putting money aside for the television and I also want a new wrist watch.